Hptlc Sample Applicator – Spraylin.

HPTLC Sample Applicator – SPRAYLIN

  • Plate Size: - 20 cm X 20 cm.
  • Sample Syringes –25 μl , 100 μl ,500μl.
  • Aluminum plates , Glass plates or Lab made plates.
  • Spray on application.
  • Application Spot or bands
  • Automatic syringe height adjustments for different types of plates.
  • N2 spray gas with 1-1.5 lit/min gas consumption.
  • Easy software selection of Delivery speed of the sample.
  • Band Length 1mm-190 mm in step 0.1mm
  • Memory : 25 Methods , backup min 10 years
  • Fixed operating methods No. 25, with default factory settings are provided these methods can be overwritten as per customer’s requirements.
  • CPU of machine automatically CALCULATES the No of Bands
  • Automatic applied with given Plate size, Start distance, Space & Band length.
  • Facility to Superimpose Selected tracks.
  • In Built Diagnostics Modular design.
  • Pneumatic module with gas pressure indicator.
  • Easy to service & affordable spares.
  • Last executed method is stored in volatile memory and it can be open & executed by just pressing
  • FN + PRV

  • In Personal Computer operating mode SPRAYLIN is controlled by Personal Computer through SPRAYLIN software & Display shows “ PC Control”
  • In Manual Mode or Machine Mode method is executed by opening any one method out of 25 inbuilt methods stored in SPRAYLIN machine memory.
  • Graphical alpha numeric displays the current status of the machine
  • Provide Best Analytical Instruments

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