Radio-TLC - MiniGita Dual

The miniGita Dual is a significant enhancement of our well known miniGita TLC instrument.

Testing radiochemical purity with thin layer chromatography and the execution of basic gamma spectrometry are routine for most nuclear medicine laboratories and SPECT or PET facilities.
A reliable, easy to use instrument, fulfilling the today standards in GMP and documentation rules is mandatory for optimal working.
The dual head combined with different collimators and detection technologies allows high-end TLC scans and a multichannel analysis in one device.
By nature, measurement, scanning resolution, sensitivity, limit of detection, dynamic range and spectrum analysis need antipodal technical solutions.
The miniGita DUAL was designed to be as flexible and adjustable as possible to ensure that you can always get the highest performance and the best setup for your application.
To avoid human errors and to be fully GMP compliant, all settings and configurations are detected automatically and stored in the electronic report. Probe type, probe distance and even the collimator type are registered.
 A complete line of probes using different scintillator material, and different detection technologies such as PMT tubes or totally new digital detection technologies, ensure the best detection for each application.
With our Elysia Communication protocol, simply change the detector/probe and the system will recognize the type and the serial number of the detector. This will give you perfect documentation of your setup and enhance your GXP tools.
The new ECP allows advanced control and diagnostics of your probes to ensure a better performance and remote diagnostic capability.
MiniGita Dual is directly controlled by our Gina software. The same software can be upgraded to control the radio-HPLC, the GC or the multichannel analyzer, allowing high flexibility, a faster adaptation and a short learning curve.

Background subtraction, a half-life-time correction and dead time correction are only some features included.

Model Application Resolution Dynamic range Multichannel Collimator
miniGita OFA probe SPECT & PET 😃😃😃😃 😃😃😃😃 😃😃😃 Yes
miniGita PET probe PET 😃😃😃😃😃 😃😃😃😃😃 😃😃 No
miniGita New Gen probe SPECT & PET 😃 😃😃😃 😃😃😃😃😃 No

miniGita OFA (One fits all) probe:
The One Fits All is based on our V-Shaped BGO technology. The crystal allows you to detect SPECT and PET isotopes. The special V-shaped gives the best resolution without a compromise of sensitivity. A broad range of collimators allows you to adapt the probe to a larger energy band. The detector also has a multichannel function and is suitable for basic spectrum scans.

miniGita PET probe:
The OFA New Gen Probe is based on a V-Shaped BGO probe ensuring optimal resolution with high sensitivity to SPECT and PET isotopes. The probe uses new electronics with increased dynamic range allowing you to use higher activities without signal saturation. A broad range of collimators allows the probe to be applied to a large energy range.
miniGita MCA probe:
This is a standard 2x2’’ NaI crystal combined with a 2’’PMT. All mini Gita probes use our ECP and can be applied with a Gabi Nova instrument for radio flow detection. The large crystal and the high quality PMT are the best choice for spectrum analysis and nucleic identification.]

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