UV Cabinet

TLC UV Cabinet HP – UVIS 2.0

UV Cabinet -ChromaDoc 2.0 - Touch Screen

  • Touch Screen Display
  • Lamp Source: Imported lamp sources from reputed manufacturer.
  • Illumination 3 Lamp Sources are Used
  • Visible: White lamp 1 No.
  • UV 254 nm Short Wave 1 No.
  • UV 365nm Long Wave 1 No.
  • UV Filter
  • Flicker less Illumination, Instant Glowing, Total Dark Room, Total Dark Room to observe faintest spots. No light comes out of the cabinet, total safety for operator. Colour Filters Imported Filters are used in front of lamp sources.
    Electrical: Mains voltage 230VAC 50Hz +/-10%. Cabinet Size 310 X 200X300 mm.

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