TLC/HPTLC Scanner / Densitometer

TLC/HPTLC Densitometer/Scanner – CD 60

TLC/HPTLC Scanner / Densitometer

Densitometer CD60

The CD60 densitometric scanner is the most comprehensive tool in its class for sample characterization after HPTLC migration. Qualifications and quantifications are carried out quickly and easily thanks to its dedicated ergonomic software. Versatile and efficient device, it guarantees optimum results whatever the molecules analysed.A PC is used to control the measurement of absorption and fluorescence in transmission and in remission. Both detectors are part of the basic equipment. An additional reference photomultiplier measures the light intensity of the active lamp and automatically adjusts the sensitivity. The integrated light sources are three in number: a deuterium lamp, a halogen lamp and a mercury lamp. The monochromator offers a useful spectrum between 190 and 900 nm, and allows automatic switching of lamps and filters. It is equipped with automatic correction of background noise and a device for eliminating unwanted artefacts from the measurement (fingerprints, scratches, stains). It can analyze each sample with 30 wavelengths simultaneously. In this way each molecule gives a maximum signal with the wavelength which is specific to it. Effective in searching for traces, it identifies unknown molecules by comparing them with pre-recorded spectra. Used in conjunction with Biostep's ProQuant software , this densitometer is suitable for a wide variety of applications. The densitometer – computer combination makes it possible to process the chromatograms and record the results with ease, in a secure manner and in accordance with good laboratory practices (GLP standards). Obtaining reproducible results and reliable data is thus guaranteed. It is equipped with ProValidR software to perform validations and ProQuantR software to establish spectra and quantify molecules from pre-recorded calibration curves. The CD60 Densitometer complies with the CF21 Part 11 standard (option).

Technical specifications: -
  • Dimensions (D x H x W): - 300 x 730 x 550 mm
  • Weight: - 30kg
  • Filters: - 370, 420, 450, 550, orange, UV
  • Max scan length: - 5 to 195mm
  • Max scan width: - 5 to 260mm
  • Spectral range:- 190-900mm
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