TLC/HPTLC Sample Applicator

Advanced TLC Kit for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.

Advanced TLC Kit for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (USP, Ph. Eur. recommended)

Merck TLC Plate TLC 1.05554D

Merck TLC Plate Aluminium TLC Plate, silica gel coated with fluorescent indicator 60 F254. The silica gel TLC Plates come in quantity of 25 Size 20x20 cm for thin layer chromatography application.

Manual Sample Applicator

Manual sample application is very cost-effective. We offer different kinds and sizes of glass capillaries from 0.5 μl up to 20 μl volume. They are available with appropriate holders for comfortable working. Application templates make it very easy to apply spots in exact distances on a straight line. They can be used for TLC/HPTLC plates of 5 x 5 cm up to 20 x 20 cm. An application and evaluation template according to Stahl can be used for plates up to 20 x 20 cm. Markings show 19 application positions and horizontal lines help to determine spot migration distances and calculation of Rf-values.

Spotting Template/Application Template

These templates are available for TLC plates having the formats 100 x 100, 200 x 100 mm. The numbered triangular cut-outs at 5 mm intervals provide exact guidance for the pipette. This gives 9, 19 or 39 spotting positions, depending on the size of the template. The non-slip underside prevents unintentional displacement on the table.

Micro Capillaries
  • Micro capillary 0.5 µl, 1 pack of 100 pieces + 1 holder
  • Micro capillary 1 µl, 1 pack of 100 pieces + 1 holder
  • Micro capillary 2 µl, 1 pack of 100 pieces + 1 holder
  • Micro capillary 5 µl, 1 pack of 100 pieces + 1 holder
  • Twin trough TLC Chamber with glass lid 10 cm X 10 cm
  • Double trough - Low solvent consumption
  • Solvent vapour equilibration is reproducible
  • Very less solvent is sufficient for development
  • Very convenient to use with glass lid
  • Automatic TLC Sprayer
    TLC sprayer provide fine, uniform spray that is optimized for the development of TLC plates. TLC sprayer is compact, well-designed spray canister that Delivers fine mist with CFC-free propellant. It permits control reagent delivery, For even coverage and minimal waste. Spray pressure 4.4 bar, It is Easy to use, Easy to clean, Uniform distribution with low reagents consumption.
    TLC / HPTLC Image Documentation System  - Chroma Doc 2.0 (Touch Screen Display)
  • In-built UV Cabinet
  • Touch Screen Display,
  • Lamp Source: Imported lamp sources from reputed manufacturer.
  • Illumination 3 Lamp Sources are Used
  • Visible: White lamp 1 No.
  • UV 254 nm Short Wave 1 No.
  • UV 365nm Long Wave 1 No.
  • Colour UV Filter (UV Protection)
  • Flicker less Illumination
  • Instant Glowing
  • Total Dark Room
  • High Resolution Digital Camera (20 Mega pixel)
  • TLC / HPTLC Software for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Perform quantitative analysis on TLC plates in minutes.
  • Automatic Spot quantification
  • Automatic Band quantification
  • Automatically detect and truly compare chromatograms in three dimensions.
  • Compare data from spots and plates.
  • Group and average plates for increased statistical reliability.
  • Display graphs and store TLC plates in projects.
  • Export data into Excel or other third-party software for further custom analysis.
  • Print graphs, plates and data sheets.
  • Aids compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11
  • IQ-OQ