HPTLC Image Documentation System - EasyDoc

HPTLC Image Documentation System - EasyDoc

Lamp Source:

  • Imported lamp sources from reputed manufacturer.
  • Illumination 3 Lamp Sources are Used

  • 1 x 8W UV tube 254 nm Short wave
  • 1 x 8 W UV tube 365nm Long waves
  • 1 x 8 W Visible White Light tube
  • Portable Light Source (Optional)
  • Hand Held Light Source to Observe sample outside the cabinet.

    Flicker less,Illumination, Instant Glowin, Total Dark Room

  • Total Dark Room to observe faintest spots.
  • No light comes out of the cabinet, total safety for operator.
  • Lamp Filters (165 x 55x 4 mm)

  • Imported Filters are used in front of lamp sources to block unwanted
  • harmonic wavelengths & only TRUE UV will be incident on objects.
  • Traceability certification on demand.
  • Controls:
    Separate control through toggle switches for each lamp. Timer By- Pass switch. Start / Stop, set keys for timer.

    Micro controller based Provision to select timing either in second, minutes, and hours. Range 1 to 99, with START / STOP, SET Keys. 3 digit digital display. ON delay

    Digital Camera 20 Megapixel or Equivalent
    Electrical : Mains voltage 230VAC 50Hz +/-10%.

    Humidity/ Temperature,Dimension metal body,Epoxy Powdered Coated , Front Door,Loading + UV protected Viewing Cabinet,58% Rh / 30deg.centigrade.,Metal Cabinet Size 290 X 420 X 290mm

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