HPTLC Photo Documentation System - ELITE

HPTLC Photo Documentation System - PROLITE

Software controlled TLC/HPTLC Photo documentation Digital keyboard panel

Lamp Source:

  • Flicker less illumination > 50 khz
  • Top illumination
  • Visible: 16 LED white Light Source

  • UV 254 nm: 4 x 8W (2 from each side)
  • UV 365 nm: 2 x 8W (1 from each side)
  • Bottom Illumination:

  • TransIlluminator : 5 X 6 W Visible white Light Sources are in built.
  • Lamp Filters:

  • Separate Filter on either side, Imported filters are fixed in front & UV light Sources on either side to ensure proper incident wavelength & to cut off unwanted harmonics.
  • Industrial CCD Camera:
    High Resolution Digital CCD camera, sensor SONY CCD, HDR 12 mm lens for up to 20x20 cm Plate Protective Filters Auto white balance with Imaging censor, Electronically-controlled focal plane Camera Exposure time: 10 micro sec to 10 Sec for HDRI

    Camera Filters:
    UV blocking filter is provided with unit. Filters of 60nm diameter can be provided to put in front of camera lens.

    Image Enhancement :
    This gives an additional facility for enhancing images if required under different Color filters.

    USB 2.0 or 3.0

    Mains voltage 230VAC 50Hz + / -10%

    80% Rh / 30 deg. centigrade.


  • Qualitative and Quantitative analysis using TLC Software (Optional)
  • Image base evaluation
  • Plate comparison
  • Auto calculation of Retention
  • Factor (RF)
  • Annotation Facility
  • Audit trial & log book included
  • IQ/OQ included
  • Secured data base storage
  • Inbuilt validation
  • E-Signature
  • 21 part CFR 11 compliance
  • Provide Best Analytical Instruments

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