TLC/HPTLC Photo documentation

TLC/HPTLC Photo documentation – DD 80

HPTLC Photo Documentation System

ProViDoc system DD 80 (LED) With Camera & Software (Model 2023)

The ProViDoc DD80 is a high-performance documentation system with brilliant recording Quality. The workstation consists of a dark hood with different light sources, a camera for taking high-resolution images, a documentation top for guaranteeing the op􀀘mal distance between camera and sample as well as a so􀀢ware for controlling the system and saving the recorded images. The UV Tubes and LEDs are arranged symmetrically in the Providoc DD 80 for different light sources and guarantee the homogeneous illumination. When the drawer is opened, there is an automatic UV cut off for safety reasons. A special white light LED is fitted in the base for transmitting light applications. It is now possible to examine individual wavelength ranges. You can choose between 310 nm, 345 nm and 366 nm, or use all three wavelengths together for your test.
The spectrum of the original fluorescent tube can be reproduced using LED technology (all 3 wavelengths active). This allows you to work according to laboratory requirements and subsequently detect the wavelength more accurately.

Key Aspects of the HPTLC Documentation System DD 80 LED with Software: -
  • White (LED), UV light at 254 nm (tube), 310 nm (LED), 345 nm (LED) and 366 nm (LED)
  • light intensity adjustment
  • pull-out drawer for easy positioning of your samples
  • high-resolution digital camera
  • USB-C Connection
  • Acquisition and documentation software
  • integrated user management
  • GLP-conform image acquisition with date and time
  • Extensive image processing possibilities
  • IQ OQ (Optional)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant including a complete (optional)
  • System audit trail by additional module in 21 CFR
  • Technical Parameters
  • Detection area: 200 x 200 mm
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 400 x 500 x 440 mm
  • 2x UV tube 254 nm
  • 4x UV LED 310 nm
  • 2x UV LED 345 nm
  • 2x UV LED 366 nm
  • 4x white LED
  • 1x white LED transmission
  • Provide Best Analytical Instruments

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